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About Us

PINE WHEELS was born out of our complete obsession with cycling. We’ve been riding the trails of the Czech Republic (and beyond) all our lives and their throw up all the challenges you’ll find wherever you are – rocks, roots, loam and mud, it’s all here. Like all Czech’s we love the outdoors and we love kit that just works.

Now let’s be honest: We love being on our bikes better than working and we are positive that you feel the same. It is great feeling just to get out and ride - we all enjoy it because it does make us happy, keeps us fit and gets us into the countryside! So you need wheels that can keep you riding, day in day out – not years saving up before you can actually afford them.

The PINE WHEELS mission started few years back after one brutal race, which led to a discussion with our friends over a few drinks. The question was: Is it really necessary to spend two month’s salary on a carbon wheel-set for mountain biking or is it possible to make it with same strength, weight and endurance for half price? Only this conversation didn’t go away with our hangovers, it kept coming back to haunt us. What if…

After a hell of a lot of research we started experimenting with a bunch of affordable Chinese carbon rims, but that did not worked out for us. We had many breakages and problems with quality. PINE WHEELS needed to work better, for longer – no matter what.

After two years of trying we came across a small studio in Taiwan with a good reputation and enough experience to handle the job. These guys work with top end TORAY Carbon material and are pretty much magicians with the magic plastic. It really is a pleasure to watch what they can do with carbon fibre. 

After producing the first few PINE MTB wheel-sets for our friends, then friends of our friends and, oh yeah, their friend too, we have decided it was about the right time for us to get PINE WHEELS out in to the market. It’s been a long journey from trails to sales, but now PINE WHEELS are ready for you to ride – as hard as you like.

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