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Crash Replacement

With that, we know that having to buy all new equipment is sometimes worse than the physical scars caused by a crash. We have one of the best crash replacement policies in the industry, one that is designed to get you back up and running again without havign to shell out full price for a set of wheels again.

In most cases of a crash, the rim and possibly some spokes are the things that get impacted and damaged.

The price to have a rim replaced, get the wheel rebuilt, and shipped back to you is as follows:

All MTB carbon rims                     -  € 240.00

All Road carbon rims                    -  € 275.00

Spokes DT Swiss Competition    -  € 0.85 each

Spokes SAPIM CX-Ray                -  € 1.80 each

In the event of a situation where the complete wheel is destroyed, a crash replacement of a replacement wheel will be available at a discounted rate.

The crash replacement can be used to repair a wheel in a situation where the warranty does not apply. This can be any crash, impact damage, or damage caused by misuse or negligence. The crash replacement is available for a five year period from the original date of purchase and is available to the original owner .

To take advantage of the crash replacement, contact us and explain the situation. You will need an RA number before shipping the wheels in for service. A detailed estimate of total charges will be provided before any work is started on the wheels.

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